About Our Manufactured Stone in Phoenix, AZ

At Premier Veneer Stone Products, we pride ourselves on offering the finest manufactured stone in Phoenix, AZ. As a family-owned company, we believe in always producing the best product possible while providing it at an economical price. We also put complete faith in our stone surfaces by offering a 50-year warranty on every order we fulfill. This way, you know that we stand behind the stone products we offer for your construction project. To learn more about our company and the manufactured stone products we have to offer, reach out to our office.

What Is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is a lightweight concrete product that is less expensive and easier to install than natural stone. It can be used for a wide variety of construction projects to enhance the beauty of your home or business. When used on the exterior of your property, our stone veneer acts as rock siding, providing a unique and classic look. On the interior of your home or business, our manufactured rock surfaces can add a traditional style to your walls. No matter where you choose to use our versatile stone, know that it will always look amazing.

Limitless Design Potential

At our company, we want to make every one of our stone products appear as natural as possible. One of the primary ways we achieve this is with our numerous coloring techniques, which lets us create truly unique and real looking faux stone siding and other products. With over 40-years of experience coloring our manufactured rock products, our team can easily create unique designs with our stones, allowing you to fit our products into your property’s décor. Additionally, if you already have stone surfaces, our team can color match your new products to match the existing appearance of the stones. This way, you can seamlessly add our stone veneer to your home or business.

Easy To Maintain

One of the excellent advantages of using our manufactured stone surfaces in your home or business is that they are simple to maintain. The stone can easily be cleaned using water and a cloth. For larger surfaces, you can also use a vacuum to remove dirt or dust without the worry of scratching the stone. We also advise that you should never use wire brushes or acidic cleaners on the stone, as this could damage the surface and remove its beautiful finish.

Contact us to learn more about our manufactured stone products. We proudly serve Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding areas.